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Psychosexual Therapy for Retarded or Delayed Ejaculation

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Retarded or Delayed Ejaculation Sexual issues are common and can affect both men and women. Retarded or delayed ejaculation is a sexual problem that affects men at any age and can be caused by various factors, including psychological, physiological, or medication. It is characterised by a significant delay in achieving ejaculation or the inability to …

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Reconciling Sexual Desires with Religious and Cultural Beliefs

Sex and therapy

Reconciling Sexual Desires Sexuality is a vital part of human life. It plays a significant role in shaping an individual’s identity and can contribute to their emotional and physical well-being. However, religious and cultural beliefs often impose limitations on individuals, making it challenging to embrace their sexual desires fully. This article will discuss how people …

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Breaking Down Barriers: Overcoming Vaginismus With Psychosexual Therapy

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Overcoming Vaginismus Vaginismus is a condition that affects millions of women around the world. It’s characterised by involuntary muscle spasms when inserting anything into the vagina, including a tampon or a penis. This condition can cause physical and psychological distress, making it difficult to maintain healthy sexual relationships. However, with the right support, vaginismus can …

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Reconnecting From Afar: Intimacy and Long-Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships and sex

Long-Distance Relationships Long-distance relationships are becoming increasingly common in today’s world. The rise of online dating and remote work opportunities means that more people are finding themselves in relationships where their partner lives miles away. While these relationships can be rewarding, they also have unique challenges, especially when maintaining intimacy. Intimacy is a vital component …

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Levels of Desire In Relationships

Intimacy and sexual desire are essential components of a healthy and fulfilling romantic relationship. However, it is common for couples to experience mismatched libidos, which can cause tension, frustration, and disappointment. The difference in sexual desires and needs between partners can range from minor to significant. It can affect all aspects of the relationship, from …

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Exploring Kink And BDSM Safely and Consensually

Psychosexual Therapy

Kink and BDSM (bondage, dominance, submission, and masochism) are forms of sexual expression that are becoming increasingly popular and accepted in society. They offer a wide range of opportunities for individuals to explore their desires and boundaries in a safe and consensual manner. However, it’s important to approach kink and BDSM with caution, care, and …

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Understanding And Managing Compulsive Sexual Behaviour

Compulsive sexual behaviour, also known as hypersexuality or sexual addiction, is a condition in which individuals cannot control their sexual thoughts and behaviours. Behavioural addiction can have severe consequences for individuals and those around them, such as relationship problems, financial difficulties, and legal issues. Despite its prevalence, compulsive sexual behaviour remains a misunderstood and underdiagnosed …

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Navigating Polyamorous Relationships and Communication

Polyamory, or having multiple romantic partners, is a growing trend in modern relationships; however, polyamorous relationships can be complex, and effective communication is key to making them work. In this article, we’ll explore some of the challenges that polyamorous individuals face and offer tips for navigating these relationships with open and honest communication. Understanding Polyamorous …

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