Psychosexual Health and Therapy

Psychosexual Health and Therapy

Psychosexual Therapy – also known as sex therapy – is designed to support individuals and/or couples that are looking to open up and resolve their sex and intimacy-related thoughts, feelings, and issues, using a specialised form of therapy.

Psychosexual therapy is a non-invasive mindful / talking therapy that does not involve any physical interaction between yourself and the therapist. Psychosexual concerns can be either physical or emotional, however, emotional issues can be the cause or result of experiencing physical problems.

Issues can include a loss of interest in sexual activity, lower sex drive / low libido, erectile dysfunction, vaginismus and/or difficulty climaxing. We understand sex and intimacy can be challenging topics to discuss. All of our therapists at Leone Centre are BACP and UKCP registered counsellors and whether online or in-person, our sessions offer a safe space where your problems and feelings can be heard by therapists that will offer non-judgmental support.

Is Psychosexual Therapy for me?

Sexual-related concerns can range from a variety of issues from past traumas to pornography addictions, to menopause. The therapist will explore the various physical, psychological, emotional, and environmental factors that could be contributing to your sexual issues.

Your first appointment will be an opportunity for you to ask your therapist any questions you may have and to gain a better understanding of how psychosexual therapy sessions work. The therapists will also discuss any concerns you may have and the desired outcome from psychosexual therapy. You and your chosen therapist will talk through the most suitable and comfortable way for you to move forward with future sessions and bookings.

Your therapy sessions are planned to work for you. It is important to know that your therapist will be considerate of your concerns and move at a pace that will best suit your circumstances. Psychosexual therapy is available for anyone and everyone, should they want it, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, relationship status, or cultural or religious background.

Contact Leone Centre

Get in touch with our team at Leone Centre to book an appointment with one of our experienced, highly professional therapists. Our Psychosexual therapists offer sessions for couples and individuals either in-person or online to ensure you find the option that best suits you.

Our team are here to help you choose a therapist. Contact us now if you require any further information or to book your appointment over the phone, call 0203 930 1007. Alternatively, click on our scheduling link to book directly if you are ready to go ahead with your psychosexual therapy session.